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Do you hear the whistle blowin’? The Orange Blossom Special en route from St. Pete to New York has just unloaded a boxcar of the tenderest of  Orange blossoms. We have been pressing the nectar to produce our new Honeybell Buds! The truest flavor of the sunshine state since the Florida Orange. A Southern Flavor Sensation from the makers of the Original Peach Buds! Butterfields Candies has done it again and created another unique Southern Flavor Candy! This time taking Florida Honeybell Orange to create a sweet and tart taste sensation bursting with real orange flavors. Both refreshing and sweet and sure to satisfy even those afternoon sweet tooth cravings.



Have you ever wanted a piece of candy that was refreshing and made you smile? Well, here it is! Our Lemon Buds are so flavorful that you can’t help but smile. You will be reminded of breezy summer days when you enjoyed a cool glass of hand squeezed lemonade on the front porch. It doesn’t get much better than that. Try our lemon hard candy today!



We like to refer to them as Cha Cha Cherry Buds cause they will make your tongue dance with delight! Their beautiful ruby color and tart cherry flavor will remind you of Mom’s cherry pie. Let them light up your mouth like fireworks on the 4th of July. This is true cherry cheekiness. Come dance the Cherry Bud Cha Cha with us!



Our newest creation for the truly ambitious Muscadine aficionado, rich and thick in flavor with a great balance of sweetness and tartness. A very southern experience awaits you.



No matter where you are located, the island lifestyle is at your fingertips! We’ve created the perfect tropical flavor creation with our Key Lime bud infused with a sliver of coconut. Close your eyes while you enjoy a Key Lime Bud and you will begin to hear soft whispers of steel drums and ocean waves….



Old fashioned holiday candy is the perfect combination of yuletide flavors; peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, wintergreen, orange and lime, an ideal gift for family, friends, neighbors, teachers, service providers and everyone you know with a sweet tooth reminiscent of the “good ole days” and conjures up warm memories of Christmas with grandma.



A treat for any true Hard Candy lover! Our 4-pack of 3 oz sizes includes our traditional Holiday Candy plus Peach Buds, Key Lime Buds, and Cherry Buds. If you would like other flavors, please send us a note with your order to make the changes.  Our 3-pack of 7 oz sizes includes our famous Peach Buds, Holiday Blend, Honeybell Orange, or let us know what flavors to add and we will!





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Mini-Mason Jars

These jars are so cute, make thoughtful gifts and keep our candies super fresh. We know you'll love them as much as our delicious candies!
Dena Manning, Butterfields Candies
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Our Award Winning Butterfields Candies Peach “Buds” have been made by hand in Nashville, North Carolina for over 98 Years. The Butterfields Candies “Bud” unique flavor stems from all natural ingredients and each candy is infused with real fruit and real flavors. Best of all, our traditional, handmade candies have always been proudly made in the USA and are gluten and dairy free!

A North Carolina Tradition for 98 Years
Hand-Made Butterfields Candies Peach "Buds" are made Traditionally in Copper Kettles
Maintaining our 98 year family tradition, our Butterfields Candies peach buds are handmade in large copper kettles as they were when first created in 1924. Butterfields Candy creates sophisticated and timeless old fashioned hard candy — pearls of fruit nectar, made with quality ingredients and genuine passion. Each one of our subtly sweet buds evokes the essence of real fruit, delivering instant and stimulating flavor that satisfies any craving. Gluten Free. Dairy Free.
All Natural Real Fruit Flavors
The Butterfields Candies Peach Buds recipe is simple. Each bud contains a delicate essence of fruit nectar, a hint of creamy coconut, and a dusting of sugar. All of our candies have been made slowly and in small batches, utilizing Old World traditions. It is an art making each one of peach buds and it is never a process that can be rushed. To that end, we value the passion and craft of handmade candy-making and take pride in its ‘slowness.’ From the moment one of our peach buds candy hits your tastebuds it delivers immediate satisfaction. Butterfields Candies Peach Buds are a confection of high quality with unparalleled natural savor and delicious fruit flavor. Guaranteed.
North Carolina Award Winning Candy for over 98 Years
If it isn't broken, don't fix it. Our master confectioner and his staff combine the best quality ingredients using the original Butterfields Candy time honored recipe to craft our confections. For over 98 years, Butterfields Candy has been proudly made in North Carolina. Through eight different families of candy makers, the company remains a locally-owned brand focused on continuing the craft of making candy by hand and a legacy of its original creators.
"Love any flavor. Found key lime flavor in Key West years ago while on a cruise."
Barbara Harris - January 20, 2021
"Great tasting old fashioned hard candies. We ship an assortment of flavors to family and friends in our care packages from the South."
Ann Rose - July 27, 2019
"Someone gave us a gift basket that included a small box of your 6 assorted flavors candy. It is awesome! Cinnamon candy is my absolute favorite so I was excited that it was one of the flavors. Very good candy, and its a Got to Be NC Agriculture food! Love eating/supporting local! Well done!"
Loretta Haker - January 8, 2017
"Ordering was a breeze; shipping was prompt; and the flavors are divine! So far, I have done cinnamon, peach, key lime, ginger and cherry. I can't wait until I get to try the others!!!"
Elise Hokman - April 19, 2020
"I was looking online to see where I could order some of this candy. I was shocked to see that it was located in Nashville NC. Yesterday afternoon I visited the Company. Excellent customer service. They were as eager to help me as I was to be a customer. "Dena Manning" went above and beyond. She has a bubbly personality which makes you feel at home. Thank you Butterfields!"
Jennie Rollins Clark - June 26, 2018
"The Peach Buds taste exactly like a fresh peach!"
Angela Hoopes - May 2, 2021
"Butterfields Buds are delicious, use real sugar and coconut, and have been around since the 1920’s. The new owner is an inspiration to her community and the hard candy is the best you have ever tasted. If you don’t try Butterfields, then you are deprived yourself. Five of five, will buy again!"
Allen Rodriguez - February 15, 2019
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