Practicing the time-honored tradition of making candy by hand for 100 years

Located in Nashville, North Carolina, Butterfields Candy Company makes handcrafted candy the same way it was done back in 1924. We proudly manufacture and package all of our products in the USA. All of our candy is 100% dairy free, gluten free, and made with pure cane sugar.

Our famous original Peach Bud hard candy is a delicate bouquet of fresh, ripe, peachy tang, mixed with the sweet dab of smooth, creamy coconut. This secret recipe has been perfected and enjoyed by candy lovers for over a century.

Today, Butterfields offers a full line of scrumptious fruit flavor candies, all capturing the true essences of your favorite fruits. 

We've used the same tools and methods for a century. Why mess with perfection?

It's all about the pour

Pouring the candy mixture at precisely the right temperature is the difference between a dull, sticky candy and crystal, flavorful gems. Perfection!

Come into the fold

Hand-folding the candy melds, blends, and tosses flavors, colors and acids while the mixture is still very hot. This is why our candy tastes so good!

Dena Manning

President, Butterfields Candy Company

"Our old-fashioned hard candy is handcrafted in copper kettles, using time-honored recipes that put us on the map. A true candy connoisseur would expect no less."

Handmade with love

STEP 1: Our candy is poured at a precise temperature and hand-folded to perfectly blend the crucial elements and aerate the mixture.


STEP 2: It is then run through a batch roller and shaped into buds, and cooled on a whimsical conveyor belt.


STEP 3: The buds are then hand-tossed with pure cane sugar in our original copper kettle.


STEP 4: Finally, all of our candy is carefully sealed and hand-inspected before arriving at your door!

Go ahead, taste 'em