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Butterfields Candies

Peach Buds

Peach Buds

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These distinguished peach-flavored hard candies are Butterfield's signature candy.

As we like to say, “It all started with a peach!”

Our philosophy? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. For 100 years, our customers have been enjoying the mouth-watering flavor combination of fresh peach nectar and sublime coconut. We’ve heard all kinds of descriptions for the taste experience but our favorite is "it’s a match made in candy paradise".

We wholeheartedly agree and think you will too!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Zachary Branch

taste good.

Meg James
A Caring Company

I've been giving delicious Peach Buds as gifts for years to out-of-state friends and as far away as Beijing, China because they are made in my hometown of Nashville, NC! Recently Peach Buds went to Amory, Mississippi during Eight Days of Hope's Twentieth Rebuild following disastrous tornadoes. Thank you for being a part of the volunteer effort.

Thank you so much Meg!! We are proud to have been a part of your disaster relief project. That is true caring!

Edward Skuzinski

I've never tasted a candy that packed more delicious peach flavor into
such a tiny package as your Peach Buds!

Evelyn Brooks
Love peach buds!!

This is my favorite of any " old fashioned" hard candy. I grab it whenever I see it!

Darla Bonnot
Best tasting peach without the tree!

I am impressed how so much peach flavor is in such a small hard candy! 🍑
My mouth waters when I open the pouch. Delicious.