Famous North Carolina Candy 'Peach Buds' Celebrates 100 Year Centennial!

Famous North Carolina Candy 'Peach Buds' Celebrates 100 Year Centennial!

Celebrating Our Rich History of Making Candy by Hand in North Carolina for Over a Century

Step right up, candy lovers, as we embark on a delightful journey into the world of famous North Carolina candy! Among the sweet treasures that the Tar Heel State has to offer, there is one one-of-a-kind delicacy that stands out - Butterfields Candies' Peach Buds. Let's explore why these Peach Buds are celebrated far and wide and why 2023 marks a remarkable centennial for the artisans behind this century-old North Carolina candy making tradition. 

For candy aficionados who love confectionery history, you'll be surprised to know that the very first flavor Butterfield’s Candy produced was our Holiday Buds melody of flavors, with a discriminate focus on the peppermint buds candy and candy canes! Today, Butterfields holiday buds is a symphony of Cinnamon, Wintergreen, Spearmint, Peppermint, Orange, and Lime candy flavors that will awaken your taste buds and evoke memories of cozy winter days and cherished holiday gatherings, but we digress...

Our Peach Buds Candy has been a Southern Tradition for Generations - Perfect for Gifts and Special Occasions!

Peach Buds is a Centennial Candy Making Tradition

The story of Butterfield’s Candy is simple. 100 Years ago in a small North Carolina town, three candy makers cooked up a delicious infusion of real-fruit flavored candy treats. The candies were a overnight sensation, winning the blue-ribbon award across three counties in North Carolina. A century later, they are the famous North Carolina candy and popular treat known all across America and throughout the world!

Imagine the sweet aroma of sugary concoctions swirling through the air, and through the trees in our rural location in Nashville, North Carolina. Peach Buds is part of the symphony of handcrafted treats being created with love and dedication at our family run location. This is the story of Butterfields Candies, a name synonymous with a century of candy-making excellence. Yes, that's right, it's the 100th Birthday of Butterfields famous North Carolina candy this year!


A Peach Lover's Delight in a Bite Size Morsel

So, what makes Peach Buds so famous? It's the unforgettable combination of flavors and a time-honored process. Each piece is lovingly made by hand, ensuring the highest quality and a taste that transports you to a peach orchard in the heart of summer. 

The stories pour in year round from customers telling us how long Butterfield’s Candy has been a tradition in their holiday celebrations, birthdays, weddings and other special occasions. What could be more delightful than hearing such heartwarming stories of bringing joy, laughter and smiles to people’s faces year after year?

Southern Sunshine in Every Bite

Butterfields Candies' Peach Buds offer a burst of sunshine in every bite. With a perfect blend of sweetness and a hint of tanginess, peach buds candies capture the true essence of juicy, ripe peaches. It's no wonder these candies have become synonymous with North Carolina's finest confectioneries.

Generations of Southern families invite these wonderful candies to play the role distinguished guest and joy bringer to their special celebrations and gatherings each year. And as the saying goes with true Southerners, "you Surely you're not a true Southerner if you haven't grown up with peach buds at your family gatherings!" 

The 100-Year Commitment to Making Laughter, Joy and Love

As Butterfields Candies celebrates a century of doing what they do best – crafting exceptional candies – we are committed to each hand made batch not just being treats for the taste buds but a journey through time and tradition. Butterfields commitment to quality and a passion for handcrafted excellence has been a true value through the decades, Butterfields has kept true to their time honored traditions and ingredients that make these candies "so darn good tastin'!"

In the world of famous North Carolina candy, Butterfields Candies' Peach Buds stand tall as a symbol of quality, tradition, and pure Southern candy lovers delight. As the celebration of 100 years of crafting these sweet gems gets underway, it's the perfect time to savor the legacy of a brand that's not just famous, but cherished by generations of families. So, indulge in the taste of tradition, and let Butterfields Candies' Peach Buds take you on a journey through the heart of North Carolina's candy-making heritage. It's a centennial celebration you won't want to miss!it’s the beginning of a year long Candy Celebration as we celebrate the making of Butterfield’s Candy and the famous North Carolina candy that has been loved for generations.

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