Sweetening the Knot: Butterfield’s Candies Add A Touch of Timeless Taste and Southern Charm to Your Wedding Table

Sweetening the Knot: Butterfield’s Candies Add A Touch of Timeless Taste and Southern Charm to Your Wedding Table

Dazzle Guests with a Dash of Bright Color and the Delicious Sweetness of Hand-Made Wedding Candy

Renowned for their unique and authentic, delectable real fruit flavors, these candies have been a cherished Southern Tradition for over a Century. They are more than just treats – they’re the perfect wedding candy that delights guests and adds a dash of timeless charm to your celebration.

When it comes to weddings, every detail matters. From the elegant floral arrangements to the choice of music, each element contributes to the magical atmosphere of the day. And what better way to add a touch of sweetness to this special occasion than with Butterfields Candies? 

Something Old Something New

Butterfields Candies Have Been Made by Hand with a Time-Honored Tradition for Over a Century – Delicious Flavors that are Unmatched

For over 100 years, Butterfields Candies has been a symbol of artisan candy-making in the South. Handmade with care in the same copper kettles where they were first made, these confections have stood the test of time.

Butterfields Candies continue to captivate hearts and taste buds of Southern families at special occasions and holiday celebrations where families share them and the nostalgic cherished memories with their first “peach bud” candy together.

As Butterfields Candy celebrates its Centennial, you can be assured the same time-honored practices that have made these candies a favorite of Southern families everywhere. And 2024 marks the 100th year of making Butterfields Candies, so your guests will be savoring something old and something new, which adds an extra layer of sentiment and warmth to your special gathering.

Colorful, Versatile and Elegant Candy for Your Wedding Guests

Butterfield’s Candies are more than just an after-dinner delight; they can be integrated into various aspects of your wedding. From adorning the dessert table to serving as charming guest favors, Butterfields Candies bring an air of sophistication and sweetness that resonates with the joyous spirit of the occasion.

Imagine your guests being greeted by a beautifully arranged display of these candies, each one a miniature work of art that embodies the elegance of your wedding. With a full range of colors and flavors, they can highlight your color theme with a touch of sweet sophistication.

The colorful candies are covered with a soft dusting which gives each color a unique “blush” appearance. The colors will highlight your wedding table decor with a beautiful soft touch that blends perfectly with any flowers in any type of setting.

Real-Life Magic: A Peach Orchard Wedding

With over 100 years in the candy-making business, there must be some great stories! Recently, we received a last-minute call from a Mother of the Bride, whose daughter was getting married in a Peach Orchard in Texas just days away.

Although Mom and Bride had discussed ordering Butterfields Peach Buds for guests, no one had placed the order! We were delighted to receive the call and join the special occasion! With just a few days’ notice, our candy-makers whipped up a special batch of Peach Buds.

Butterfields proudly showed up at the wedding on time, becoming a fondly remembered moment for the bride and her guests. What an honor it is for Butterfields Candies to grace momentous occasions, bringing joy and smiles to special guests.

In Weddings, it’s Often the Attention to Small Details that Creates a Lifetime of Cherished Memories

As you plan your wedding, remember that the most cherished memories often come from small, meaningful details. Butterfields Candies offer an opportunity to infuse your celebration with nostalgia and sweetness that will linger in the hearts of your guests.

The handcrafted nature of these candies makes them a unique addition to your wedding – a testament to the time-honored art of candy-making that spans generations and is a wonderful family tradition loved for over a century in the South.

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