The World’s Best Limited-Edition Fruit Infused into One Delicious Bite: Say Hello to HoneyBell Orange Buds!

The World’s Best Limited-Edition Fruit Infused into One Delicious Bite: Say Hello to HoneyBell Orange Buds!

Act Now to Get Your Hands on These Limited Edition Candies Made with HoneyBell Oranges, Only Grown in America!

Citrus season heralds the arrival of juicy, vitamin-packed fruits, and among them, the HoneyBell orange stands as a delightful gem. A lesser-known cousin in the citrus family, this unique fruit is a hybrid of the Dancy tangerine and Duncan grapefruit, offering an exquisite burst of flavor and natural sweetness.

Discover the world of unique flavor found only in the HoneyBell orange, and how they become a delicious addition to Butterfields Candies’ irresistible candy creations.

We Infuse the Juice of HoneyBell Oranges into Each Piece of Delicious HoneyBell Orange Buds Candy

The Limited-Time Splendor of HoneyBells

HoneyBell oranges, a.k.a. tangelos, are known for their limited availability, making them a coveted winter treat. These fruits typically make their appearance in January, turning this chilly month into a citrus celebration.

The name “HoneyBell” perfectly captures the essence of this delightful fruit. Its juice is as sweet as honey, and the slight neck it forms gives it a bell-like shape. What’s more, the HoneyBell’s color is a rich, captivating orange, thanks to its condensed ripening period and the swift changes in weather. While other citrus fruits linger on trees for months, HoneyBells transition from green to a deep, alluring orange within a mere 30 days

With Peak Availability in January HoneyBell Oranges Arrive as a Celebrated Reminder of Warmth and Sunshine

A Gift from the Sunshine State

The birthplace of HoneyBell oranges lies along the eastern banks of Florida’s Indian River. While they are cultivated in various warm-weather regions, many connoisseurs consider the Florida-grown HoneyBells superior in taste and quality.

Butterfield’s Candies sources HoneyBell Oranges from Florida growers to ensure consistent flavors in our Honeybell Buds Candies. Each year we secure a limited amount of the bountiful supply available of these delectable tangelos to make our HoneyBell Orange Candies.

What Makes HoneyBell Oranges so Unique?

Besides being the sweetest fruit in the entire Citrus Fruit Family, here are four other important things that make HoneyBells the Superior Citrus.

  1. They are available for a limited time each year, primarily ripening and available in January.
  2. HoneyBells are a seedless fruit, a hybrid that is birthed from two seeded fruits.
  3. HoneyBell Oranges are thin-skinned and loaded with juice. The juiciest of all Citrus fruits.
  4. HoneyBell Oranges only come from the Eastern Banks of Florida’s Indian River. While some are grown in California and other warm climates, the Sunshine State produces superior quality fruits.

HoneyBell Oranges: The King of Fresh Fruit

Florida being the unrivaled home of these luscious tangelos provides us with the perfect partner in making our HoneyBell Orange Candies. Butterfield’s Candies had been making candies by hand for over a Century, in time honored traditions that many generations of families enjoy at their special occasions and holiday gatherings.

It brings us tremendous joy and pride to feature HoneyBell Oranges, grown by family citrus farmers in Florida in the making of our candies. We stand by the quality of our candies and are proud to uphold a process that delivers a made in America experience again and again for families to enjoy. HoneyBell Orange Candies add a simple pleasures to our lives and lots of smiles!

HoneyBell Orange Buds Brighten Holiday Tables and All Your Special Gatherings with Charm

As HoneyBell Orange connoisseurs find our candies, we hear stories how they make impressive gifts for holidays and special occasions. Or grace the tables at family gatherings or parties. HoneyBell Orange Buds make a big statement in a simple gift that is perfect for any occasion. Butterfield’s Candies HoneyBell Orange Buds are a simple pleasure loade with charm and elegance that will enliven tastebuds and help you bring happy warm moments to life!

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