Butterfield’s Candy: Celebrating 100 Years of Time Honored Holiday Traditional Candy Making

Butterfield’s Candy: Celebrating 100 Years of Time Honored Holiday Traditional Candy Making

Celebrating Our Rich History of Making Candy by Hand for Over a Century

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are right around the corner, and what better way to infuse your holiday celebrations with the than with our delectable treats? 

This season, we are thrilled to present an array of candy gifts that will make your festivities truly unforgettable. Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchantment of the holiday season with everyone’s favorite Southern Tradition, Butterfield’s Candy.

This year we’ve cooked up a special batch of Holiday Surprises as Butterfield’s Candy kicks off it’s 100 Year Centennial Celebration. To commemorate the first “buds” that we’re poured out of our copper kettles, we are unveiling our very special Limited Edition Holiday Buds Gift Package. 

The very first flavor Butterfield’s Candy produced was our Holiday Buds melody of flavors. A symphony of Cinnamon, Wintergreen, Spearmint, Peppermint, Orange, and Lime will awaken your taste buds and evoke memories of cozy winter days and cherished holiday gatherings.

Our Holiday Buds Candy in a New Decorative Holiday Gift Box – Perfect for Anyone on Your List!

The Charming Story of Butterfield’s Candies is Brought to Life in our New Holiday Buds Gingerbread Gift Box

The story of Butterfield’s Candy is simple. 100 Years ago in a small North Carolina town, 3 candymakers cooked up a delicious infusion of real-fruit flavored candy treats. The candies were a sensation, winning the blue-ribbon award across three counties in North Carolina. A century later, they are a popular treat all across America and throughout the world!

To commemorate our candymaking centennial we imagined a group of cheerful and charming holiday elves, cooking up a batch of holiday candy in big copper kettles among a gingerbread forest. Artist and Designer Mary Ellen Schrock of California, brought our new design to life with her typical magical flair. Mary Ellen has previously designed for Disney, Warner Bros., and other Hollywood Studios. Among her highly recognized works is the identity and branding for Disney’s The Lion King on Broadway, the longest running show in Broadway history.

One look at the adorable candymakers on our new package transports you to a charming and whimsical winter wonderland and the place where Butterfield’s Candies were born over 100 years ago. Our holiday candymakers are churning up the first batches of holiday buds among a gingerbread forest.

Our new holiday packaging is available in two convenient gift box sizes, 7oz. and 3oz. The same gable box designed to look like a little gingerbread house full of candy. “We are so charmed by the new designs and envision lots of clever decorating ideas to come from our customers as they incorporate these adorable gift boxes into their holiday decorating themes and traditional family gatherings.” said Dena Manning, CEO of Butterfield’s Candies.

Holiday Candy is The Perfect Gift for All Ages and Those Tough to Buy for Loved Ones on Your List

What sets Butterfields Candies apart is our universal appeal. Our candies make for the perfect gift, regardless of age. We are honored to have become a holiday tradition with so many families across the world! 

The stories pour in year round from our customers telling us how long Butterfield’s Candy has been a tradition in their holiday celebrations, birthdays, weddings and other special occasions. What could be more delightful than hearing such heartwarming stories of bringing joy, laughter and smiles to people’s faces year after year?

Attention to Small Details Creates Cherished Holiday Memories

As you prepare to embrace the holiday season, remember that it’s often the small touches that create the most cherished memories. With this in mind, our limited edition Holiday Buds Gingerbread Box Package is sure to surprise this holiday season.

Thinking of the stories, we thought it would be fun to not only tell the story of our 100 Year Celebration, but dress up our package as a versatile piece of art you will love incorporating into your holiday festivities. 

This little candy box is a charmer and we can’t wait to see how you will celebrate with it!. Try hanging it as an ornament on your Christmas trees, or, unleash your creativity and craft a captivating candy village centerpiece that will be the talk of your holiday gatherings.

The Holiday’s Most Timeless and Lasting Gift: Laughter, Joy and Love

Let us know how you plan on celebrating the holiday season with Butterfield’s Candies. We are so excited to share our 100 Year Centennial with you and your family with our whimsical new packaging. 

At Butterfield’s Candy, it’s the beginning of a year long Candy Celebration as we celebrate the making of Butterfield’s Candy for over a Century. We are proud to be featured as part of your special occasions, holiday gifting and family traditions. Look for a few more sweet surprises as our Centennial Celebration rolls out in 2024!

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