It Is Time to Stop Believing These 4 Popular Candy Myths

It Is Time to Stop Believing These 4 Popular Candy Myths

From chocolate hearts on Valentine’s Day to peppermint flavored candy canes on Christmas, candies have always been an important part of our holiday traditions. They often serve as a sweet reminder of our childhood days. After all, most of us probably spent much of our allowance on these sugary treats. Over the years, candy has unfortunately gotten a bad rap. While many people are willing to ignore these seemingly false rumors to satiate their sweet tooth, it is still important for everyone to know that they are not true. In this blog, we will debunk some of the most common myths associated with candy:


  1. Candy can never be healthy

    It is quite common for candy skeptics to believe that there is no such thing as healthy candy, which, in reality, is untrue. A lot of candy, specially handcrafted hard candy, is low in calories and fats. Some are also dairy and gluten-free. It might surprise you to know that a handful of candy corns has far fewer calories than the same amount of raisins.

  2. The Pop Rocks and soda combination can be life-threatening

    This myth stems from another myth about the kid who appeared in the popular Life Cereal ad that first aired in the early 70s. The gossip mill spread a rumor about the kid dying from a stomach explosion that happened as a result of him eating Pop Rocks with soda. While it is true that the candy releases carbon dioxide when it pops, it certainly won’t explode when mixed with soda.

  3. It takes seven years to digest gum

    We have all been warned to never swallow our gum. Some of us may have been told that it takes 7 long years for gum to be digested. And like most other outrageous candy myths, this is a lie. While it is true that your body cannot digest gum, it doesn’t mean that the piece of gum you accidentally swallowed will linger in or stick to your stomach for seven years. It will be excreted out.

  4. You can get addicted to candy

    Have you ever tried to resist digging into the jar of hard candy and failed? Well, it is surely not because you are addicted to candy. It is not possible to be addicted to candy, just like how you can’t be addicted to French fries or pizza. This myth has been popularly used to keep children (and maybe even some adults) from eating too many candies for health purposes.


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