4 Fun and Easy Ways to Use Up Leftover Hard Candy

4 Fun and Easy Ways to Use Up Leftover Hard Candy

If you have a sweet tooth, chances are Halloween is not the only time of the year when your pantry is overflowing with candies in an assortment of flavors. But it is definitely not possible for you to eat everything (even if it is possible, it isn’t really healthy). So, how do you use all of them up to make sure that nothing goes to waste? You need to get creative. Otherwise hard candy can easily end up sticking around somewhere way past their sell-out date.

Here are a few fun and easy ways in which you can reuse all your leftover hard candy:

  1. Decorate gingerbread house and other holiday treats

    When you buy a gingerbread house kit, you always get the same ol’ decorating pieces like candy canes and gum drops. How about you jazz it up a little bit this year with your own hard candy? Store all the colorful candy that will make for pretty and delicious decorations and add some vibrant pops of color to the walls and roof. You can also use them to decorate other Christmas treats like cookies and puddings.

  2. Whip up a dessert dip

    Yes, you can make a decadent dessert dip using your leftover hard candies. And the best part? It needs only three ingredients: cream cheese, sugar and candy. Combine the cream cheese and sugar, and then add crushed up hard candies in your favorite flavors. You can use this dip with fruits, pretzels and even cookies!

  3. Sweeten your trail mix

    Today, trail mixes go much beyond the traditional nuts and raisins. You can now satisfy your sweet snack cravings with a healthy twist by creating a trail mix that includes the regular nuts, pretzels, and dried fruits, and pieces of your hard candy. You can add any flavor, whether it is orange or peach, to make a mix that everyone will love.

  4. Make candy popcorn

    In the mood for an indulgent sweet treat that doesn’t take an hour to prepare? All you need to do is make some popcorn and drizzle melted hard candy over them. You can also add bits of the candies of your choice.

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