Raleigh Woman Revives NC Company That Made Peach Buds

Some people probably thought Dena Manning was out of her mind.

Almost two years ago, she bought a Nashville, N.C., candy company in foreclosure.

Manning, 52, of Raleigh, had no business experience, let alone any in the food industry. She had spent her adulthood as a stay-at-home mom, raising two sons and a daughter, stitching school uniforms, coaching her sons’ baseball team and teaching youth religion classes at St. Francis of Assisi Church in North Raleigh.

But Manning had known the candy company’s previous owners and loved the product an old fashioned hard candy with a coconut stripe down the center. Manning was certain that bringing back this confection, which had been off the market since 2009, was too valuable an opportunity to pass up.

“I knew the product was so good,” she explained. “I knew it had a following.”

Manning was right. Local retailers are delighted to see Butterfields candy return to their shelves.

Elizabeth Mills has owned Gingham Posh, a North Raleigh gift basket company since 2006. Butterfields’ top selling Peach Buds candy were a staple in her gift baskets featuring North Carolina products. (“It tastes like you’re eating a peach,” Mills said.) She was disappointed when she called to place an order about four years ago and found the phone number disconnected. Then, last year, someone wandered into her store off Glenwood Avenue with Butterfields samples and brochures.

Read the entire December 2013 News and Observer article here

19 thoughts on “Raleigh Woman Revives NC Company That Made Peach Buds

  1. This is the best news I have heard in a long time. This is the best candy ever and I had really missed seeing it in stores. I did not know that it was no longer being sold due to the company being in foreclosure. What wonderful news to start 2018 with and I look forward to being able to buy it soon. Thanks Mrs. Manning for believing in this company and bringing back something that is made in North Carolina and we can be so proud of from our state. You will be blessed!!

  2. Love these ! Thrilled to see them back again. ( peach buds)My 94 yr old mother in law loves them. I used to buy them at a weekly flea market in Lexington NC. That were sold in tins. While on a run up to the Blueridge Parkway I stopped off at one of the “roadside market” places in Fancy Gap Va… Whoa ! Found some small pks at the checkout and was so shocked. I bought some for her and she was soooo thrilled. You have a store at the factory I believe I read somewhere? If so,I’m coming!

  3. Dena, I’m wondering if I can find Peach Buds locally (I’m in the northern suburbs of Chicago). Do you sell to retailers in my area?

    Perrin Davis

    1. Hi Perrin! If there is a Tuesday Morning store in your area, you may find us there. Otherwise, we don’t have retailers in your area.

  4. Tasted these for the first time today and I am hooked! Reading the story about the company and Ms. Manning makes them even better. Good luck to you Ms. Manning – I hope you are successful!!

  5. Who carries them in Connecticut? I was a big peach bud fan in the past. Now I’m suffering the consequences of chemo and radiation, can’t eat fruit. But I’m craving the taste – and suddenly I thought, Peach Buds! But no one has them in central CT. I read the story about your having bought and re-started the company. I’m going to order some. But until they arrive, is there anyone who might carry them in central Connecticut (Greater Hartford area)?

  6. I was just given Peach Buds – Yummy! By any chance do you wholesale your products to Cracker Barrel or any other outlet near Garner, NC. Thanks

    1. Hi Helen, yes we do wholesale to Cracker Barrel and you can also find our Peach and Lemon at your local Harris Teeter, Lowes, Publix in the North Carolina Product section. Ask the store manager where that shelf is in the store as some stores are different. Thank you so much for your comment and we are so happy to hear you enjoyed the Peach! It is our number 1 flavor.

  7. Absolutely Great 🤩 candies !! It’s terrific to be able to order directly since I was always cleaning out all the local shops of their Butterfield candies. Keep up the good work – Thanks !

    Joe Gagliardi
    Senoia, GA.

  8. I love these flavorful candies, I got my mother in law hooked on the lime, we sat one evening and sucked on them for hours, we probably ate about 10 pieces. We lost her in March 2020, but special times will always be remembered. I purchased them from Harris Teeter but they stopped selling them. I would love to find and purchase them Again. I also placed one on top of my vegan cupcakes as an embellishment. Durham NC

    1. Hi Linda, I am sorry for your loss. I know when I lost my mother, it was life changing for me. I was very close to her and she loved the candies so much, the reason why I purchased this company when it closed. Too times we shared were so precious and I know there are many like you and me who share this same experience with a loved one. Thank you and I love the idea of putting on on top of a cupcake!

  9. My grandfather had a candy business in Elizabeth City 1929-1970 roughly. I loved it when he had peach buds on hand. He made some candies and brittle but I think bought those. Looking forward to tasting them again.

  10. Will there be chance to recreate the Watermelon Buds in the future? The first time that I bought Butterfield’s Candy was over 20 years ago. I love this brand of old school hard candy! Happy holidays!

  11. Was working from home over the holidays and went by the office to pick up my mail. Someone had received a gift basket and left a note, “take what you want”! I love hard candy and I love peaches, so I took the Peach Buds home and fell in love with the peach burst of flavor. I have the 7 oz. box and have been savoring these little darlings eating about 1 a day since Christmas. Well, ran out today and just ordered 4 more boxes of your peach buds and hope they get here soon. Live in Birmingham, Alabama, so let me know if you have a retailer here and I will spread the word! As above, I think watermelon and apple would be great flavors also. Great job saving this jewel!!

  12. I purchased a 3oz bag of Peach Buds from a peach farm stand two weeks ago. Where have these been my whole almost five decades? I just made my first online purchase (Couple of large bags – Love, do not judge!) of theses and a small bag of the grape buds to try. Admittedly, I am a horrible sugarholic. Seriously, I am obsessive about wanting my sweet tea and my candy. If both are not on my desk, do not attempt to talk to me or look at me directly in the eye. Fruit flavored candy is my favorite form of sugar and peach flavor is my favorite flavor and favorite fruit. The other peach candy on the market I can find in the Haribo peach gummies, which are not good at all, and I love their original gummy bears. Jolly Rancher’s peach flavored hard candy, who introduced me to peach candy, may only be purchased from Amazon. Yours is more expensive, but far superior. It is clear in your product that much love is poured into your candy. Dena, you need taste testers I am here – just saying!

  13. A friend gave me her bag of ginger buds saying it wasn’t her cup of tea….I tried one and became hooked! I just placed an order to try other flavors as well as stock up on ginger buds 😁

    1. Thank you Mona! I saw your order come through and I am always wondering how people hear about us. Glad your friend shared her Ginger Buds with you!

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