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Butterfields Candies Citrus Buds – Citrus Buds are a delicious mixture of our zesty, tangy fruits.  Lemon, Key lime, Honeybell Orange, and Pink Grapefruit! These delicious, tart and sweet hard candies are the perfect after-lunch treat. Citrus buds are refreshing and soothing at the same time. Packaged in a classic and nostalgic, mini-mason jar that keeps the candies fresh and shows off their unique shape and color. Collect all three of our mason jar candies and you’ll have the entire selection of candies made everyday at Butterfields Candies.

Special pricing and packaging available for larger bulk or custom orders.

Send request to or Call +1-252-459-2577 Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm Eastern Standard Time.



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Do you hear the whistle blowin’? The Orange Blossom Special en route from St. Pete to New York has just unloaded a boxcar of the tenderest of  Orange blossoms. We have been pressing the nectar to produce our new Honeybell Buds! The truest flavor of the sunshine state since the Florida Orange. A Southern Flavor Sensation from the makers of the Original Peach Buds! Butterfields Candies has done it again and created another unique Southern Flavor Candy! This time taking Florida Honeybell Orange to create a sweet and tart taste sensation bursting with real orange flavors. Both refreshing and sweet and sure to satisfy even those afternoon sweet tooth cravings.