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Butterfields Candies Peach Buds Make a Unique Mother’s Day Gift

Butterfields Candies Peach Buds Make a Unique Mother’s Day Gift Butterfields Candies Peach Buds are a delicious and unique treat that make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. These candies are made with real peach flavor and have a smooth, silky texture and peach flavor that is unlike any other candy on the market. Butterfields...
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Buy Gourmet Hard Candy For the Holidays

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Butterfield’s Hard Candy Has Withstood The Test of Time

A secret recipe first formulated in the 1920’s, four big copper kettles, and a bright blue metal building located down a rambling country road. Humble beginnings. Candy that withstood the test of time indeed. Especially when you consider what has become a thriving, popular, and well-known family business with products distributed across the United States....
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The Lost Art of Candy Making by Hand

Butterfield’s Candy Company has been making hard candies since 1924. For over 97 years, the traditional, die hard, classic way with nostalgic memories of how it all started. Breathing new life into a proven product – one that has withstood the test of time. Each batch of our candies are hand-turned to cool then hand-cut...
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Why Candies Make The Perfect Gift For Every Occasion

The Ultimate Sweet Treat Suited for any Taste As simple as it is – many people across the world love candy. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t. The sweet-tooth would love the classic flavors as you do, and even those who prefer sweet-free options would enjoy the hard candy peg bags. So...
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