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Butterfields Candy - Old fashioned hard candy buds in Peach, Keylime, Lemon, Cherry, Muscadine, Honeybell flavors
Our Candy Buds are Made with Love!
And Delicious Natural Ingredients.

Maintaining our 90-year tradition, Butterfields Buds are hand-made in large copper kettles as they were when first created in 1924. We believe good, old-fashioned taste can only be created the good, old-fashioned way.

First take
Then add
Top with
Sugar Dusting

You will not find another candy with such exceptional flavor where the delicate essences of fruit nectar reside in each morsel of candy. Under the meticulous eyes and care of master confectioners, a sliver of coconut is nestled into each bud and touched off with a sweet dusting of sugar. We’re proud of our candy making process!