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Butterfields Peach Hard Candy Buds Box

Butterfields Candies is one of America’s oldest artisan hand-made candy makers. 2022 marks the 98th year Butterfields Candies has been making its signature “Peach Buds”; a North Carolina tradition and Southern favorite enjoyed all over the world.

We Call them “Peach Buds”

In a bright blue metal building off a country road in western Nash County, North Carolina, Dena Manning is known as “The Candy Lady.” Thanks to her, the local landmark and iconic North Carolina candy company, known for creating the unique “peach buds” candy, is known worldwide.  And now, a new generation of candy lovers is discovering the distinctive tastes of Butterfields Candies sweet candy treats.


Peach Buds Secret Recipe

One of Butterfields most valuable assets are the secret recipes first formulated in the 1920’s and are behind making the whole family of Butterfields Buds. The candy is heated in large copper kettles and poured out on vintage stainless steel tables, then turned by hand in the same way as when the recipes were first formulated. The Peach Bud, was the first and original candy to be made by Butterfields, and it is the Bud that made the family famous. 

Nurturing A Unique Artisan Candy-Making Craft

When Manning took over operations over 10 years ago, her friends thought she’d gone mad. But she knew something they didn’t. She knew Butterfields Peach Buds had been beloved by four generations of Carolinians. She knew the tasty little hard candies had left a lasting impression on a small-town in the South and from there, that love had spread throughout the world.


“Butterfields Peach Buds had been beloved by four generations of Carolinians.” - Dena Manning

People who enjoy Butterfields candies share all kinds of unique ways they enjoy the candies. Some of the recent favorites are dropping Lemon buds into a cup of hot tea for a new for a soothing way to flavor your tea or crushing up a Honeybell Orange bud and sprinkling it in your ice cream….tastes just like a Creamsicle!

Today Dina and her eight employees – including her youngest son, Harry – produce about 1,200 pounds of Buds per day. As a family-owned and operated business, Butterfields remains dedicated to making candy by hand with the same process passed down by generations.

Making the World a More Fun and Tasty Place

A lot has changed since Butterfields opened its doors to customers in 1924. However, the foundation and quality of Butterfields Candy has not. Each person at Butterfields Candy plays an important role in the process, and is passionate about preserving the history and art of authentic, hand-crafted candy making for people all over the world to enjoy and savor.

It’s this dedication to the craft of “real” candy making and staying connected to a vibrant artisan candy making culture that keeps Butterfields on course to deliver a more delicious future. Staying true to what has made Butterfields a delicious heritage brand is a simple formula: use high-quality, clean ingredients and a dedication to hand-crafting the best hard candy available anywhere in the world.


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Butterfields Peach Hard Candy Buds Box

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