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The Inspiration Behind Butterfields Delicious Fruit Candies - Our Founder Dena Manning.

Butterfields Peach Hard Candy Buds Box

Butterfields Candies is one of America’s oldest artisan hand-made candy makers. Entering into the year 2022 will mark the 98th year the company has been creating its signature “Peach Buds”, a North Carolina tradition.

We Call them “Peach Buds” For a Reason. They’re Just Different!

Early in 1924, the first Butterfields Candies flavor was created by artisan candy makers; a tangy and fragrant hard candy for the holidays which was distributed locally in Eastern North Carolina. The shape of the candy resembled a flower bud, which is where Butterfields Candies “buds” gets their unique name.

News of the delicious peach fruit flavored candy grew quickly and Butterfields “Peach Buds” gained in popularity while generating a loyal following all across the South. During the 98 years the company has been in business, peach buds have grown from being a North Carolina favorite to steadily winning over the taste buds of people all over the world.


Generations of Making Candy by Hand

After enjoying decades of success and growth, Butterfields Candies changed ownership in 2012. At the time, the factory was in financial peril and near being forced to close due to the recession until loyal customer and current owner Dena Manning stepped in. Dena cites her own uplifting experience with Butterfields as one of the reasons behind her inspiration to own the company. 

According to Dena, “Butterfields candy buds provided my mother and I simple comfort and joy while she was fighting a battle with ovarian cancer. The Lemon Buds packed a big burst of fruit flavor that would give Mom a real boost while she was in treatment. A little comfort goes a long way in those conditions, and sharing Lemon buds helped us continue to share good memories, laughter and smiles.”

“Butterfields candy buds provided my mother and I simple comfort and joy while she was fighting a battle with ovarian cancer.”

When Dena’s mother passed away on Virgin de Guadalupe day, the 12th of December, it left an indelible imprint. “My mother was my best friend, my protector, my muse. She was a fierce protector of the family. We traveled all over the world together creating memories together. She was so much fun to be with and we definitely miss her everyday.

Never did I dream that after sharing these Lemon Buds with her many years later, I would be sharing Lemon Buds with the whole world and thinking of her. Her energy, intelligence and business acumen taught me so much and her spirit lives on as we continue to make candies that share smiles and joy with people all over the world.”

Bringing New Flavors and Creativity to North Carolina’s Beloved Hand-Made Candies.

Dena recognized the uniqueness of Butterfields Candies and with her mother’s inspiration and an entrepreneurial spirit she jumped at a chance to be a part of the company’s “rebirth” when it came up. “I infused energy and resources into the company partly because of my own experience with my Mother. I knew how amazing and powerful these little candy buds made with love by hand really are. And as part of the local community, my heart was heavy knowing a part of North Carolina State heritage was going to be lost forever. The timeless, loved and popular Peach Buds would have just vanished.”

Today, Butterfields Candy is known as an artisan candy maker throughout the world that produces an authentic, “Taste of the South”. Butterfields Buds are enjoyed across every region of the United States, in Mexico, Canada, and abroad.  Butterfields candy buds continue to be made by hand in North Carolina and have unmatched flavor and texture, leaving you with the impression of enjoying a fresh, juicy piece of fruit right off the tree. With Dena’s vision, Butterfields Candies has evolved and many new flavors have been added to their classic Peach Buds offering. 

Dena and the Butterfields team are currently hard at work on several new flavor profiles. The future will soon reveal several more unique flavored hard candies being added to the Butterfields Candies line, so stay tuned!


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Butterfields Peach Hard Candy Buds Box

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