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Author: jeremy selph

It Is Time to Stop Believing These 4 Popular Candy Myths

From chocolate hearts on Valentine’s Day to peppermint flavored candy canes on Christmas, candies have always been an important part of our holiday traditions. They often serve as a sweet reminder of our childhood days. After all, most of us probably spent much of our allowance on these sugary treats. Over the years, candy has...
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4 Fun and Easy Ways to Use Up Leftover Hard Candy

If you have a sweet tooth, chances are Halloween is not the only time of the year when your pantry is overflowing with candies in an assortment of flavors. But it is definitely not possible for you to eat everything (even if it is possible, it isn’t really healthy). So, how do you use all...
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Let’s Brush Up on Interesting Facts about Candies

All of us have had a lot of candies as kids. It still is the favorite sweet treat for most children. But how much do you know about candies? The word “candy” has Sanskritic origins. Then came the Arabic version “qandi.” “Candy” the Middle English word, started being used only in the late 13th century....
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Raleigh Woman Revives NC Company That Made Peach Buds

Some people probably thought Dena Manning was out of her mind. Almost two years ago, she bought a Nashville, N.C., candy company in foreclosure. Manning, 52, of Raleigh, had no business experience, let alone any in the food industry. She had spent her adulthood as a stay-at-home mom, raising two sons and a daughter, stitching school uniforms, coaching...
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Butterfields Traditional Candy Company

Check out this great segment on UNCTV about Butterfields.
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New Life for Old Brands

… Butterfields Candy is another regional favorite that has recently been given a new lease on life. Founded in 1924, its signature product, a hard candy called Peach Buds, was a well-loved treat throughout the South. The company abruptly closed its doors in 2009 after the owner fell ill, and the candies disappeared from store...
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